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Meet Our Stylists

Owner and educator

Sal Misseri

Meet Sal Misseri, a trailblazer in the realm of hairstyling whose artistic prowess and groundbreaking techniques have earned him a seat at the forefront of the industry. With a career that reads like a chapter of innovation, Sal's work has garnered him prestigious awards and accolades, solidifying his status as a true luminary in the world of hair.

Sal Misseri’s passion for hair began at a young age. His focus on precise technique manifested itself right away as he experimented on friends’ heads with everyday materials to discover how stylists created signature looks. Though he explored other paths early on, that ongoing hunger, curiosity, and inventiveness always brought Misseri back to hair. Eventually, one thing became clear: hair was what Misseri was meant to do.

Amidst a backdrop of industry recognition, Sal's studio stands as a testament to his dedication to the craft. Walking into his space, Reverie, is akin to stepping into an oasis of inspiration, where clients are met with an environment designed to reflect the contemporary aesthetic he so deftly embodies. Beyond the aesthetics, it's Sal's ability to establish rapport and truly understand his clients that sets him apart, creating an experience that's as transformative as the styles he creates.

With an ever-evolving portfolio that spans editorial spreads, red carpet moments, and high-fashion collaborations, Misseri's influence extends far beyond his salons. His flair for hair design led him to command the runway at Chicago Fashion Week 2014 and Latino Fashion Week Chicago 2013, and to work backstage at New York Fashion Week alongside renowned designers. The industry's recognition of his prowess includes accolades such as Estetica's Choice Men’s Hairstylist of the Year (2013), NAHA Newcomer of the Year (2012), and the Big Shot Creative Colorist of the Year for North America at the Behind the Chair One Shot Awards. A double digit NAHA finalist in multiple categories, Misseri's accolades culminate in his recent multiple wins of the Leo Passage Gold trophy at the Global Image Awards as well as Irish hairdresser of the year for international collection.

Sal Misseri's journey is marked by a commitment to innovation, mentorship, and elevating hairdressing to an art form. His accolades are not mere ornaments but a testament to his transformative impact on the industry. In Sal's hands, hair is a canvas, and each creation a masterpiece that tells a unique story of passion, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Co-owner and educator

Sydney Misseri

Since 2009, Sydney has grown from a beauty school student into a multifaceted stylist with her hand in as many projects and challenges as possible. Cutting, coloring, braiding, bridal styling, and make up are just a few of her tricks. Sydney has taken classes at Sassoon, worked with HOB salon in London, and trained with global artists Allen Ruiz, Lupe Voss, and David Adams. She also trained exclusively for two years with Sal Misseri, traveling nationally and internationally to work on shoots, shows, and runway events. With winning countless awards and nominations, Sydney understands the value of industry, competition, and the impact a strong win can have on a stylist’s ability to push through self-doubt. She is passionate about education and believes empowering other stylists by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to learn and grow, is truly the key to success. As the Artistic Director of Haircutting for Kaizen Education, Sydney is proud to have coached students and stylists in countless subjects that have gone on to win national industry awards and elevated the daily behind the chair industry in general.


Paige Mulcahy

Paige has a passion for making everything and everyone feel and look beautiful. She cares deeply about her guests’ experiences and building strong relationships. Graduating with a degree in Communication Management and Psychology from the University of Dayton, she embraces her interpersonal skills in her daily life. Paige then began her path in the beauty industry while attending Aveda Fredrics Institute in West Chester, Ohio. She arrived in Chicago 10 years ago to shake things up and make people feel put together and confident. Throughout her career she has been instilled with the importance of continuing education, staying current on industry trends, finding and embracing inspiration, and exploring her curiosity. Paige is thrilled to continue shining in this industry and bringing out beauty in unexpected places.


Cici Malone

A proud graduate of the Aveda Institute in Chicago and a native of the west Chicago suburbs, Cici brings a fresh perspective to the world of hairdressing.

With hands-on experience in Reverie and Kaizen professional photoshoots, Cici has honed her skills, particularly excelling in men's grooming. Thanks to the guidance of mentors Sal and Sydney, she has received extensive education in this field, enriching her career.

Cici's passion lies in the transformative power of a great haircut. She loves making people feel their best and aims to empower clients to effortlessly recreate salon looks at home with excitement after they leave her chair.

For Cici, It's not just about cutting hair; it's about creating a style that resonates with you and boosts your confidence.


Ashley Letamendi

Originally from the neighborhoods of both the South and West suburbs of Chicago, Ashley has been pursuing her career for an impressive 16 years on the North side of the city. Ashley's journey in the world of hairstyling began shortly after her high school graduation when she enrolled in cosmetology school. In 2007, she proudly earned her degree from Pívot Point International Academy, marking the beginning of her fulfilling career.

What sets Ashley apart is her unwavering passion for connecting with people and creating looks that perfectly align with their needs, desires, and lifestyles. Behind the salon chair, her favorite part of each day is helping her guests feel comfortable, confident, and undeniably happy. With a loyal following of clients, some of whom have been with her for over 13 years, Ashley believes in forging relationships built on understanding, trust, and mutual respect.

Ashley's expertise shines in both cutting and coloring, where she combines classic techniques with fresh, innovative methods acquired through years of experience and ongoing education. Fluent in Spanish, she is delighted to serve and connect with Spanish-speaking clientele, adding another layer of warmth to her exceptional service. “Feliz de estar aquí para ayudar a mi clientela que habla Español..!” 

stylist and educator

Maria DeFini

Maria was set in her career path early on, attending hair school during high school and earning her cosmetology license in Cleveland, Ohio, upon graduating. Venturing into the salon industry while still in high school, she sought a workplace that would foster both personal and professional growth.

Her primary passion lies in styling, particularly when it comes to wedding hair. Creating beautiful looks for brides and bridesmaids is where she finds her true calling. During her time in school, she earned the title of outstanding student in her program.

In 2016, she received honorable mention at The PBA Beacon Awards, leading her to an enriching three-day experience in Las Vegas, where she gained insights and career advice from industry experts. During the same year, she was nominated for The Hot Shot Award in the student category.

Having dedicated two years to assisting at her initial salon and five years practicing hair independently in Cleveland, she decided to make a career move to Chicago for a more fulfilling professional journey. Inspired by industry leaders Sal and Sydney, she seized an opportunity that had long captured her attention.

Relocating in 2021, she spent a year and a half assisting Sal before transitioning to the education team. Now, she travels alongside them, contributing to education sessions across the country. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in the bridal team, specializing in wedding hairstyles. Despite her busy schedule, she continues to work full-time behind the salon chair, showcasing her dedication to both her clients and her craft.


Julie Kocanyar

Since 2012, Julie has specialized in hair color and styling. After moving from Ohio and continuing her growth in Chicago, she spent a year assisting and learning under Sal Misseri. Being a full time stylist behind the chair is one of the many hats she possesses. Working on countless photoshoots, editorial work, winning NAHA for Texture, and traveling the globe with her teammates, Julie has made great strides in her craft and quite an impact on other stylists. To say hairdressing and sharing knowledge is her passion is an understatement.


Grace Harrell

Grace Harrell brings a lot of hustle to her hair game. She’s always looking to learn, grow in her craft, and stay ahead of the curve. Since her start in the industry in 2009, she has gone from assistant to behind the chair, educator at a Chicago based beauty school, to a full time stylist at Reverie. Grace is passionate about the art and balance of the full salon experience, making every guest look and feel beautiful through technique, color, and effortless conversation.

stylist and educator

Vicki O'Connor

Vicki O'Connor has been a valued part of the beauty industry for over twenty years. She has trained and educated nationally and internationally in Parma, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona to name a few. Vicki was one of Davines' key trainers when launching in North America over 16 years ago. Vicki's passion is providing education to other hairdressers and encouraging opportunities for growth. She greatly values sustainability, continued education, and a goal-driven team. Over the years, Vicki has specialized in hair color behind the chair and in the classroom. She brings that knowledge and passion to the Kaizen Education team, adding her personal experiences and professional expertise. She strives, with every lesson and service, to provide clear expectations and a specialized experience for both the stylist and the guest. Vicki's goal with the Kaizen team and the industry in general, is to elevate the guest's experience in the salon and to nurture the stylists' confidence from consultation, through formulation, to execution. Her experience is invaluable, and her passion is undeniable.


Nickolas Crecelius

Hello! I'm Nick, a passionate hairstylist and makeup artist specializing in lived-in dimensional hair and transformative makeup. With over eight years of industry experience, I excel in crafting styles that are both stunning and practical for your everyday life. At each appointment I strive to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring a refreshing experience that caters to your style and needs. My commitment to ongoing education through Kaizen classes and collaboration with industry leaders keeps me at the forefront of styling techniques and trends. I'm available at Reverie from Tuesday to Saturday, where I’m dedicated to making each client feel confident and beautiful. When not in the salon, you can find me exploring Chicago’s vibrant dining scene, enjoying walks with my Chihuahua by the waterfront, or relaxing at the beach. Ready for a change? Book your appointment today and discover how the right style can enhance your natural beauty and confidence.


Lilah Al-Surakhi

Hello! I'm a seasoned makeup artist and hairstylist with exceptional skill and artistry. With a passion for beauty and years of experience, I specialize in creating stunning makeup looks and hairstyles for weddings, photo shoots, fashion events, and more.

From natural elegance to bold statements, I excel in a wide range of makeup styles, ensuring each client looks and feels their best for any occasion. With precision and creativity, I deliver flawless results that accentuate natural features and reflect individual style.

I have a passion for transforming hair into works of art, whether it's adding length and volume with extensions, crafting the perfect haircut, or creating stunning hair color transformations, my goal is to guarantee work that will leave a Iasting impression.

I look forward to meeting you and elevating your beauty experience and bringing your vision to life.


Marissa White

Hi! I'm an enthusiastic and creative hairstylist at Reverie Salon. With 4 years of experience, my professional journey began at the prestigious Douglas J Aveda Institute in Michigan. I have had the privilege of exclusively assisting Sal Misseri for a year, learning from experts on the Kaizen education team, as well as taking advanced classes with Michael Polsinelli and Ian Michael Black.

Specializing in color and curls, I bring each client's vision to life with a vibrant touch and meticulous attention to detail. My passion for the beauty industry drives me, and I love that my work as an artist is always on display. Whether you're looking for a bold new look or a subtle enhancement, I'm dedicated to creating looks that are as unique and dynamic as my clients.

My approach to consultations is personalized and thorough, ensuring that every aspect of your hair care is tailored to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

When I'm not doing hair, I enjoy exploring the arts and finding inspiration around the city.


Hana Gashi

I'm Hana! A passionate hairstylist and beauty enthusiast based in Chicago.

With five years of experience honing my craft at Ecco Salon in Madison, WI, I bring a dedication to perfection and sophistication to every client. I've dedicated myself to mastering the artistry of hair care, makeup, and beyond.

I specialize in precision cuts, vibrant color transformations, seamless extensions, keratin treatments, and personalized makeup services. I'm committed to exceeding your expectations at Reverie Salon.

Let's enhance your beauty journey together.


Elizabeth Cioffi

Meet our dedicated esthetician, Elizabeth Cioffi, who embarked on a remarkable journey after selling her business. Driven by her unwavering passion for skincare and a commitment to constant growth, Elizabeth chose to follow her heart and immerse herself in the world of esthetics.

Leaving behind the familiar, Elizabeth enrolled full-time at the prestigious Paul Mitchell School, dedicating herself to mastering every protocol and product in the realm of esthetics. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she achieved certifications across the spectrum, setting the stage for a career built on excellence.

At Reverie Salon, Elizabeth's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge. She understands that the world of skincare is ever-evolving, with new protocols and products constantly emerging. That's why she is dedicated to continuous education, staying at the forefront of the industry's advancements. This ensures that every client receives the most up-to-date and effective treatments available, tailored to their individual needs.

Elizabeth's focus is nothing short of transformative. With an emphasis on age reversal and achieving flawless skin, she combines her extensive training with a genuine care for her clients' well-being. Every treatment is a step towards revealing your skin's true potential, radiating confidence and beauty.

Reverie Salon is more than a place of beauty; it's a haven of expertise and rejuvenation. Elizabeth Cioffi's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results through her passion for esthetics shines through in every treatment. If you're ready to experience age-reversal and embrace flawless skin, look no further.


Tricia Davis

Hi there! I'm Tricia, a Makeup Artist and Esthetician with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry.

My career began with a strong focus on makeup, which continues to be a powerful medium for my creative expression.

Alongside makeup, my interest in esthetics has flourished, allowing me to tailor each service to the individual needs of my clients. Whether it's crafting perfect brows and lashes or developing comprehensive skincare plans, my goal is to ensure you leave feeling radiant and confident in your own skin.

I am committed to meticulous attention to detail and continuously advancing my education in both areas. Whether you're preparing for a special event, celebrating your wedding day, or want to begin a personalized facial or brow/lash treatment program, my mission is to make sure you look and feel your best. 

the most important members of our team

Alfie & Luna

Our most hardworking salon mascots. Alfie is usually found napping under our product shelf, and Luna will always be there to greet you at the door! The dogs are in salon when both owners are; Fridays and Saturdays.